Wilson NCAA Forte Soccer Ball

Wilson NCAA Forte Soccer Ball

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Every player moves in sync with each other to attack, defend and succeed. Each part must support the other. The same is true for the NCAA Forte FYBrid. Each feature from the 20-panel, high-performing mirco-texture cover to the elastomeric-carbon bladder creates an elite product. This is the ultimate team ball for the ultimate team game.


  • FYBRID PANEL CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY - Fused panel, FYbrid construction technology helps minimize water and moisture uptake for enhanced durability.
  • MICRO-TEXTURE COMPOSITE LEATHER COVER - Premium, micro-textured, 32-panel ball cover delivers controllable ball flight and aerodynamic stability with equalized airflow over the entire ball surface.
  • VIVID TECH-GRAPHICS - Bold product graphics and contemporary colors provide enhanced ball spin detection.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE FOAM - G10 foam backed panels yield high-energy return and soft precision touch upon impact in both normal and low temperature climates.
  • INTERNAL CARCASS CONSTRUCTION - Laminated and molded inner construction provides the framework for extended durability and consistent round shape retention.
  • HEX-WING LATEX BLADDER - Bladder technology designed to provide for an equalized 360-degree sweet spot with explosive rebound performance.


Approved By FIFA, NCAA, NFHS
Product SKU(s) WTH9905XB, WTH9905XB30, WTH9905XB61, WTH9905XB82
Ball Bladder Construction HR Rubber
Ball Cover Construction Fused Panel
Ball Cover Material Micro-texture PU Leather
Ball Lining Sewn Reinforced Cloth